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TOTO's Customer Service: Exceeding Expectations and Building Lasting Relationships

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TOTO's Customer Service: Exceeding Expectations and Building Lasting Relationships

When it comes to bathroom fixtures, TOTO has established itself as a leading brand known for its innovation, quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction. 

In this article, we explore TOTO's exceptional customer service and how it sets the company apart in the industry. From timely and responsive support to personalized assistance and warranty coverage, TOTO goes above and beyond to ensure a positive customer experience during and post sale. Discover why TOTO's customer support and dedication to exemplary service is second to none.


One of the hallmarks of TOTO's customer service is its commitment to timely and responsive support. Whether you have a question about product features, need technical assistance, or require help with warranty claims, TOTO's customer service team is readily available to provide the support you need. Their knowledgeable and friendly representatives are equipped with the expertise to address customer inquiries promptly and efficiently.

TOTO understands the value of timely communication, and they strive to maintain open lines of communication with their customers. Whether you reach out through phone, email, or their online support system, you can expect a swift response and a commitment to resolving any issues or concerns you may have.


TOTO recognizes that every customer is unique, and their customer service reflects this understanding through personalized assistance. Whether you are a homeowner, a contractor, or a designer, TOTO's customer service team takes the time to understand your specific needs and provide tailored guidance.

TOTO's customer service representatives are dedicated to offering personalized solutions, from product recommendations based on your preferences and requirements to assist with finding the correct spare parts. They listen attentively to your concerns, offering expert advice and guidance to ensure that you make informed decisions.


TOTO stands behind the quality and durability of its products, and its comprehensive warranty coverage is a testament to its commitment to customer satisfaction. TOTO offers generous warranties on their fixtures, which vary depending on the product category.

In the event that you encounter any issues covered by the warranty, TOTO's customer service team is prepared to assist you. They will guide you through the warranty claim process, ensuring that your concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently. TOTO's commitment to honoring their warranties and providing top-notch support gives customers peace of mind and reassurance that their investment is protected.


TOTO takes pleasure in providing top-notch white glove service and that doesn’t stop with our after-service care. 

Once a WASHLET, WASHLET+, or NEOREST is purchased, TOTO is committed to supporting our customers by providing knowledgeable technical support when requested. Our technicians are armed with the appropriate knowledge and industry prowess to keep your TOTO purchases in top condition once it leaves our warehouse. 

Adhering to rigorous industry standards, TOTO only chooses the best candidates to help service your home and products. Additionally, our technical support team is trained to cause as little disruption as possible; TOTO understands how taxing home life can be, so our technicians value staying out of the way as much as possible to support your everyday flow. 

On our TOTO site, we provide our customers with the opportunity to locate the best technicians in their area for installation and contact them via email when ready. 


TOTO's dedication to customer service extends beyond the initial point of contact. They are committed to resolving any issues that may arise and going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Whether it's assisting with product installation, troubleshooting technical problems, or addressing post-purchase concerns, TOTO's customer service team is there to support you throughout the entire customer journey.

TOTO's customer service representatives are empowered to find solutions and make things right. They actively listen to customer feedback, taking note of any areas for improvement and using this feedback to enhance their products and services. This commitment to continuous improvement demonstrates TOTO's dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience.

We have a Live Chat function embedded within our website to allow for open communication with our customers when necessary. We want our customers to feel worthy of our time at every juncture and want to ensure that our team is easily accessible via our chat function. Our Live Chat, located at the bottom right corner of our TOTO USA website, is currently available from 10-1 ET, M-F. 


TOTO's focus on exceptional customer service goes beyond individual transactions. They prioritize building lasting relationships with their customers. By consistently delivering superior support, TOTO fosters trust and loyalty among its customer base.

Our Director of Customer Service, Bonnie G. Flynt, had this to say:

"At TOTO, we pride ourselves on manufacturing high-quality products, and in turn, providing high-quality service.  We want our customers to enjoy their TOTO products for many years to come.  When you purchase a luxury brand like TOTO, we provide luxury class, omnichannel service via phone, email, and live chat.  Our Customer Service team based in Atlanta, GA is seasoned, world-class, personalized to specific geographic territories, and even multi-lingual to ensure that our customers are happy.  We help to create "TOTO fans" worldwide!"  

TOTO values the feedback and input of its customers, considering them as valuable partners in their pursuit of excellence. They understand that satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat customers and advocate for the brand. TOTO's commitment to building lasting relationships ensures that customers feel valued and appreciated throughout their journey with the company. 


Below are a few praises from past customers satisfied with their TOTO experience. With any purchase of a TOTO product, this could be you too!

  1. “Your live chat rep was fast, efficient and pleasant to chat with. We have purchased Toto previously and will continue to support Toto. What a great experience! Thanks for your obviously thorough employee training.”
  2. “TOTO has the BEST customer service we work with!!  Seriously!”
  3. “TOTO should be commended for their excellence in customer care...Merry Christmas!”
  4. “TOTO's customer service team is top-notch!”
  5. “Your WASHLETs are so good that I'm having it mentioned in my obituary that I owned two of them and I'm going to be buried with them!  Your service is outstanding.”
  6. “I want to compliment TOTO for the great customer service, in English and Spanish!  Efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly.”
  7. “Your service via live chat was absolutely world-class excellent.  Wow.  I have used Toto previously, and now want to continue to do so.  The best customer service I can remember in a very long time.”


If you need additional information on our support services, you can access each of these links below on our TOTO USA website under the Support tab. 

TOTO Trained Installers & Service:

Contact Customer Service 

Warranty info:

TOTO Parts Store (Spare Parts Purchases):

Included is a link for TOTO videos with further explanations of our products, technologies, and installation and maintenance tips.

TOTO’s Youtube channel also provides "how to" videos for our plumbing products. View more here.



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