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TOTO’s Washlet: A Consistent Clean That Lasts A Lifetime - Plumbing Market

TOTO’s Washlet: A Consistent Clean That Lasts A Lifetime

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TOTO’s Washlet: A Consistent Clean That Lasts A Lifetime

Take a look at TOTO’s WASHLET bidet seat technology and how its thoughtful design approach supports you at every stage of your life.

Did you know the average person spends more than a cumulative three years sitting on a toilet during their life? That’s 1,576,800 minutes of your life. We’re sure you’re probably thinking of ways to get some of that time back, but at the core of it, it's your time to escape the stresses of every day and feel relaxed in your bathroom.

Although people have many different names for it — porcelain throne, can, dunny, or john — toilets are a commonality amongst us and are more intertwined in our lives than you may think. Regardless of age, our toileting experience should be designed to make us clean, confident, refreshed, and ready to take on the day’s next challenge. Your bathroom technology should always perform in all the ways you need it to, and TOTO WASHLET bidet seats emphasize this. More than 50 million people worldwide adopted this innovative technology to enhance their personal cleanliness and provide the ultimate comfort.


Human beings have a long history of personal cleansing with water. The bidet has been around since the 17th century, and TOTO’s WASHLET bidet seat was introduced in 1980. The TOTO WASHLET is a sophisticated, electronic bidet seat easily installed on your existing toilet. TOTO’S WASHLET+ is an integrated bidet seat and toilet combination. With personal cleanliness and comfort as top priorities, TOTO’s WASHLET and WASHLET+ are steeped in innovative technological advancements that will upgrade your hygiene routine immensely. For example, the water is warmed instantly, on-demand, so there’s a need never to worry about running out. With customizable wand positioning and water temperature, you will feel more renewed and confident about your personal cleanliness than ever before.

Although TOTO announced that it had sold over 50 million WASHLET bidet seats globally in 2019, many Americans are still not well-versed in the immense benefits of a bidet. The toilet paper shortage at the height of the COVID pandemic helped increase bidet seat awareness. Today, the number of WASHLET users is increasing as more Americans become aware of the immense advantages of owning a bidet seat -- improved hygiene and eco-friendliness are just two of the primary benefits. You will see why TOTO’s WASHLET bidet seat line will quickly become a permanent fixture in your personal cleanliness routine throughout your life.

In our daily lives, we encounter plenty of products that promise the best benefits for you and your family. But how often do these promises come to fruition? For over 100 years, TOTO has engineered bathroom products that respect the environment while meeting people’s needs for cleanliness and comfort. The WASHLET bidet seat’s energy saver function is a simple but telling example of TOTO’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Moreover, TOTO’s WASHLET and WASHLET+ are designed to serve the needs of people — from kids to elders. Let’s examine how the WASHLET measures up from different generational perspectives.


You’re in luck! Everyone can use a TOTO WASHLET or WASHLET+ and here’s why:

The Gen Z Approach

It can be daunting to find the right fit for you and your family when it comes to bathroom fixtures, but TOTO has you covered. Kids and young adults are prime candidates for our products as we know toilet time is important. TOTO’s WASHLET and WASHLET+ models provide a hands-free experience and reduce unnecessary toilet paper usage. You can enjoy an outstanding cleansing experience and protect the environment simultaneously. With the EWATER+® wand cleansing and PREMIST functions and a convenient remote control or side control panel, the WASHLET bidet seat or WASHLET+ toilet model are the best products to achieve your desired level of comfort and wellness.

Plus, when you teach your young kids to use the toilet, a WASHLET bidet seat experience with its inviting heated seat and warm-water cleansing is something enjoyable that can help make them more receptive to the toilet training process, reducing frustration for kids and parents alike. Further, it also can help increase their sense of independence as young kids learn that they can handle their personal cleansing needs themselves with the WASHLET bidet seat’s one-button activation.

The Millennial Appeal

With a focus on new beginnings and even newer technology, millennials gravitate towards products that offer multiple uses. Notably, design is usually an important focal point; however, who’s to say you cannot have that and more? To help illustrate this, our WASHLET K300 bidet seat.

Life-changing — that’s how many millennials describe the experience of using a WASHLET bidet seat for the first time. Once they discover the soothing comfort and sense of well-being that comes from cleansing themselves with a hygienic stream of warm-aerated water, they cannot imagine going back to just using toilet paper alone.

It’s easy to see the appeal of the WASHLET K300’s numerous features, including the self-cleaning wand with EWATER+. The WASHLET K300 also offers a dual-action spray with oscillating and pulsating water massage for a customized clean that’s relaxing and refreshing. With both a functional and soothing comfort aspect, who wouldn’t want a tailored cleansing experience with every bathroom break?

The TOTO patented technology enables the wand to automatically self-clean with EWATER+ inside and out, before and after every use. Moreover, TOTO’s AIR-IN WONDER-WAVE® technology uses air-rich water droplets to produce a genuinely comfortable washing sensation and deliver a more thorough cleansing while using less water, which is good for the planet. With a 30-percent increase in water droplet size, TOTO’s AIR-IN WONDER-WAVE technology integrates smaller droplets with bigger ones to produce an air-rich stream for a more comfortable washing experience and more thorough cleansing with less water consumption. 

Before every use, WASHLET K300’s PREMIST technology sprays the bowl with a fine tap water mist to reduce waste's ability to stick to its surface, which results in a more effective bowl cleaning with every flush. And, in the age of COVID-19, it’s important to have a device that actively works to help reduce the waste and grime, especially that you can’t see.

With increased personalization for the userthe WASHLET K300 bidet seat has adjustable water temperature, volume, and aerated, warm water to cater to your needs. Also, its wireless remote is programmable and will remember two users’ settings, and its buttons are illuminated for easy nighttime use. The WASHLET K300’s air deodorizer automatically engages during and remains engaged immediately after use, which helps to eliminate any lingering odors. For a luxurious feel, the heated seat activates as you approach your toilet.

The WASHLET K300 allows millennial users to purchase a bidet seat that fits their existing toilet, saving the WASHLET+ model as an aspirational purchase down the line. Also, your WASHLET bidet seat easily moves from apartment to house with you, offering flexibility as it fits most North American toilet dimensions. TOTO’s WASHLET K300’s adaptability pushes this TOTO appliance forward as one of the best options on the market today for the millennial consumer.

The Generation X Test

Operating as established players in the market, Generation X consumers are unwavering in their favorites, and this remodeling season won’t be any different. Witnessing the health circumstances this past year emphasized the need for quality products that can endure the toughest of times. At the core, TOTO's high-quality products embody durability, longevity, and cleanliness. Understandably, buying a new toilet is a big decision for any homeowner. Still, this upgrade is worth the investment for those who want to stay up with the trends and remain true to what they value the most. To illustrate this, the AQUIA® IV CUBE WASHLET+ C2 TWO-PIECE TOILET is up next.

It is evident that TOTO is based on innovation and its products are a direct result of the company’s superior engineering prowess during the design and development process. For instance, the AQUIA IV Cube WASHLET+ C2 offers a skirted design for easier toilet maintenance. Its modern, streamlined style works well in most bathroom settings, and it is paired with a chrome trip lever for an elevated, classic feel. Further, its bowl design and TORNADO Flush® system offer a quiet flush, prioritizing your privacy with every use. And while many toilet and bidet seat upgrades leave the supply connections visible, the AQUIA® IV WASHLET+ toilet conceals these connections – both water and electrical -- to keep your bathroom’s interior design flawless.

Useful as a conversation starter, the AQUIA IV’s WASHLET+ C2 offers numerous features that make it a standout choice for your bathroom remodel. It’s equipped with TOTO’s DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH® system for a thorough toilet bowl cleaning with every flush. And its 360º cleaning power eliminates any doubt concerning its high performance.

The AQUIA IV CUBE WASHLET+ C2 TWO-PIECE TOILET is a great opportunity to enhance your bathroom space and enjoy this TOTO high-tech product for many years. Moreover, this product is engineered to promote water conservation by incorporating high-efficiency dual flush capabilities at 1.28 gpf for the full flush and 0.8 gpf for the light flush. Why can’t helping save the planet also be on your remodeling wish list?

Baby, There’s a Boom!

A bathroom remodel offers Baby Boomers the chance to treat themselves to products they’ve had their eye on for a long time. While Boomers may currently have a traditional toilet, they may find it beneficial to consider an option that will accommodate their needs as they grow older. Boomers will likely seek a WASHLET+ model that matches their current lifestyle, and the DRAKE® WASHLET+ S500e TWO-PIECE TOILET - 1.28 GPF - UNIVERSAL HEIGHT TOILET is an excellent option.

A standout in both high-end design and functionality, the DRAKE WASHLET+ S500E TWO-PIECE TOILET offers similar features to its counterparts discussed above, EWATER+® for the wand and the PREMIST® benefits. However, the Drake WASHLET+ S550e also offers EWATER+ to mist the toilet’s bowl, keeping it fresh and clean at all times.

Like the Aquia IV Cube WASHLET+ above, the Drake WASHLET+ model offers TOTO’s CEFIONTECT®, a ceramic glaze that minimizes waste accumulation. It helps keep the toilet bowl cleaner for longer. TOTO also enhances the bedtime experience of many, in which a heated seat and night light help make trips to the bathroom that much easier and more enjoyable.

When shopping for your new WASHLET+ model, you always want your new addition to address the needs of the person you are at your stage of life, with an eye toward the future. The DRAKE WASHLET+ S500E TWO-PIECE TOILET has an extensive range of benefits for the older user, including universal height models, which are 17” from the floor to the top of the seat. TOTO’s ergonomic, comfortable height design facilitates rising from sitting to standing and makes these aesthetically pleasing two-piece toilets ADA‐compliant. Further, the DRAKE WASHLET+ S500E TWO-PIECE TOILET enables older adults to easily maintain their personal hygiene when age-related loss of manual dexterity may make wiping with toilet paper difficult. TOTO believes that great design, like great performance, is for everyone. TOTO is forward-looking and engineers products designed to address you and your family’s changing needs.


The people-first technological innovations of TOTO’s WASHLET bidet seat and WASHLET+ integrated toilet and bidet seat models are one of the reasons TOTO is well established as a leader in high-quality plumbing products for people in all stages of the life cycle. As the world’s largest plumbing manufacturer, TOTO’s contemporary approach to bidet products introduces a new era of bathroom discourse as people are attracted to the soul of the product. Moreover, TOTO’s commitment to sustainability is represented in each of the TOTO products available. At only 1.28 or 1.0 gallons of water per flush, TOTO’s EPA WaterSense partnership and CalGreen compliance further illuminate our toilets as the water-efficient answer Americans seek. To be environmentally conscious now is to care about the planet's future for yourself and those who will inhabit it after you. So, are you ready to make a difference and switch to a WASHLET bidet seat or an integrated WASHLET+ model?


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