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TOTO’s Toilet Buyer’s Guide - Plumbing Market

TOTO’s Toilet Buyer’s Guide

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TOTO’s Toilet Buyer’s Guide: What to Consider When Purchasing Your TOTO Toilet

At first glance, buying a toilet seems pretty straightforward. After all, we have used toilets for years, so we know what we like and what we don’t. However, there are several unique factors you need to consider to increase your comfort and cleanliness, save water, reduce time cleaning, and save money on your water bill. 

To help ensure that you are happy with your toilet purchase for years to come, we review the primary factors to consider when purchasing a TOTO toilet.

A Toilet's Rough-In Measurement
First, you need to measure your toilet’s rough-in. The rough-in refers to the distance from the finished wall (not the baseboard or molding) to the center of the toilet’s floor drain, which safely and efficiently channels waste to the house’s main plumbing system and then the sewer. 

Most of today’s homes have a 12-inch rough-in. However, be sure to take this rough-in measurement yourself. Don’t assume you know what it is. Older homes can have a 10-inch or 14-inch rough. Importantly, the toilet you buy must have the exact rough-in measurement as your bathroom.

If you can’t see the toilet floor drain’s center because your existing toilet is on it, measure from the finished wall to the center of the toilet’s bolt caps. Typically, there are two bolt caps on either side of the toilet, covering the bolts holding your toilet to the flange.


Floor mount or Wall Mount

A toilet may be mounted on the floor or to a wall. A wall-hung toilet is mounted to the wall, so the bowl is several inches above the floor, and its tank is installed inside the wall. A floor-mount toilet is installed directly on the floor.

One Piece or Two-Piece Toilets 

two-piece toilet has a separate tank and bowl connected by a leak-free rubber gasket. They are an affordable option, making them popular with homeowners. On the other hand, a one-piece toilet is molded to join the tank and bowl as one unit, giving them a sleek, easy-to-clean design. 

Skirted Toilets or Exposed Trapway Toilets

Skirted Toilets (or concealed trapway) provide a smooth, uniform base from front to back, eliminating crooks and crannies where dust and grime collect, making them easy to clean. In comparison, non-skirted (or exposed trapway) toilets have a uniform base only at the toilet’s front.

Tankless Toilets

A tankless toilet does not use a tank of water to remove waste from the bowl like standard toilets. Instead, they are connected directly to a water supply line in your home that provides enough pressure to force waste through the drainage system. TOTO’s innovative sequential valve enabled our toilets to conserve 40% more water than conventional toilets, leading to our tankless designs.

Toilet Height: Standard or Universal Design

A standard height toilet measures 15-inches from the floor to the top of the toilet seat. It is perfect for households with children or shorter people. On the other hand, a universal height toilet (also called comfortable height or ADA compliant) measures between 17- or 18-inches from the floor to the toilet seat’s top. It is ideal for taller individuals and older adults. 

Flush Types: Single Flush vs. Dual Flush

A single flush (or standard flush) toilet is operated by a trip lever. It consumes the same amount of water with each flush, for example, 1.6 gpf, 1.28 gpf, or 1.0 gpf. 

 A dual flush toilet enables you to use less water to remove liquid waste than solid waste. For example, a liquid flush consumes 0.8 gpf, while a solid flush consumes 1.28 or 1.0 gpf. The flush mechanism may be two buttons on the top of the tank. The button size represents the amount of water consumed. A smaller button for the light or 0.8 gpf flush. A larger button for the full or 1.28 gpf flush. 

 A dual flush toilet may also use a standard trip lever. You pull it forward for the light flush or push it backward for the full flush.

A dual flush toilet may also use a standard trip lever. You pull it forward for the light flush or push it backward for the full flush.


Bowl Shape: Round-Front or Elongated

A round-front toilet bowl is 16.5-inches from the mounting holes to the front of the bowl. It does not extend as far into the room, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms. By comparison, an elongated toilet bowl is an oval measuring 18.5 inches. It extends two inches further into the room than a round front model, so you need to make sure your bathroom’s size will accommodate it and won’t interfere with the bathroom door, vanity drawers, or other elements.

Bowl Rim: Standard or Rimless

Standard Rim

Traditionally, toilets have a hollow channel or rim around the inner side of the toilet bowl that is punctuated by rim jets. When you flush, the water is distributed throughout the rim and drains out the rim jets to help remove waste and keep the bowl clean. 

Rimless Bowl Design

TOTO engineers innovated a new design – a concave rim around which the high-speed water jets could travel, cleansing the rim and bowl, removing waste and debris with each flush, significantly reducing the time needed to clean the toilet.

Bowl Glaze:

CEFIONTECT®, TOTO’s nano-technology glaze, seals the porcelain with an ionized barrier creating a super-slippery, non-porous surface that leaves waste nowhere to cling. In short, when protected by CEFIONTECT, the water that rinses the bowl and rim as the toilet flushes is all that is needed to effectively remove waste and dirt. It also reduces the need for harsh detergents, which are expensive and harmful to the environment.


Toilets are the primary source of residential water use. They account for nearly 30-percent of an average home’s indoor water consumption. Older, inefficient toilets may use as much as three to five gallons of water per flush and constitute a significant source of wasted water in many homes.

TOTO’s high-performance toilets are second to none when it comes to honoring the planet and our water. We offer a variety of powerful, high-efficiency flushing systems that consume a mere 1.0 or 1.28 gallons per flush.



TOTO’s gravity-fed TORNADO Flush System marries flawless high performance to exceptional bowl cleansing action, creating a clean, green flushing system that saves money, water, and time.

TOTO’s TORNADO FLUSHING SYSTEM harnesses the power of water and gravity to create a powerful 1.0, 1.28, or 1.6 gpf flush engine that maximizes cleaning action as it spins away waste. TOTO’S TORNADO FLUSH features:

Two nozzles (instead of rim jets) that use water more efficiently for better rim and bowl cleansing, resulting in less trapped matter and reduced time needed to clean the toilet.

TOTO’s proprietary dual-nozzle water propulsion system merges two powerful streams of water for 360-degrees of dynamic bowl cleansing action. Furthermore, TOTO’s innovative system directs significantly more water to the siphon jet to spin away waste quietly and effectively -- first time, every time, using less water.


TOTO’s DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH® system features two powerful nozzles that create a centrifugal, cyclonic rinsing action that reduces waste buildup and keeps the bowl cleaner. Using only 1.28 or 1.0 gallons per flush for the full flush (or solid visit) and 0.8 gpf for the light flush (or liquid visit), this high-efficiency flushing system is more effective in one flush than most toilets are with multiple flushes. Its modern, seamless concave rim design means that these high-efficiency toilets perform consistently and are easy to clean.


TOTO’s 3D TORNADO FLUSH system gives you the option of choosing between 0.9 gpf for the light flush and 1.28 or 1.6 gpf for the full flush, saving you water. 3D TORNADO uses three powerful nozzles to harness the power of water more efficiently to remove waste and clean the bowl.

G-MAX Flush

TOTO’s GMAX FLUSH system provides a consistently powerful flush using a combination of a wide 3-inch flush valve, a large 2-1/8-inch fully glazed, computer-designed trapway, and an extra-large siphon jet for maximum power. The innovative flush system is quiet, simple, and uses only 1.6 gallons per flush, saving water every day.

E-MAX Flush

TOTO’s E-MAX FLUSH system provides a consistent and powerful high-efficiency flush using a combination of a wide 3-inch flush valve, 2-1/8-inch computer-designed, fully glazed trapway, and an extra-large siphon jet. The innovative high-efficiency system uses only 1.28 gallons per flush. This quiet flush saves significant water with every flush. 


TOTO’s POWER GRAVITY flushing system offers a combination of features to provide an exceptionally high-performance flush. It provides a 3-inch flush valve for high-volume flushing, a 2-1/8-inch fully glazed, computer-designed trapway, and a powerful siphon jet for exceptional performance.


SoftClose® Toilet Seats

TOTO SoftClose toilet seats offer a unique hinging system that reduces injury, annoying seat slam, and noise by closing gently and quietly. They are available in a variety of styles, from Slim to classic and everything in between.

WASHLET® Bidet Seats

TOTO’s WASHLET bidet seats provide an exceptionally comfortable warm-water personal cleansing experience, leaving users feeling more refreshed, rejuvenated, and confident than they’ve ever felt after a bathroom break. These high-tech bidet seats offer adjustable water temperature and volume, warm air drying with variable temperature settings, and a heated seat with temperature control, among numerous unique high-performance features. Designed with you in mind, WASHLET bidet seats offer remote control, LED night light, dual-action spray with oscillating and pulsating water massage, and built-in air deodorizing system, just to name a few. They also feature TOTO’s technologically advanced EWATER+ system, which automatically cleans the wand (before and after each use) and mists the bowl (after every use), reducing the need for harsh cleaning products.



TOTO’s WASHLET+ bidet toilets seamlessly connect TOTO WASHLETS and high-performance TOTO toilets, leaving no protruding supply connections (water or electrical). The WASHLET+ design improves the units’ appearance and enhances their cleanliness by inhibiting dust and dirt buildup. With TOTO’s WASHLET+ connection structure, their WASHLET may be easily attached and detached to reach areas where dust and dirt tend to collect. This TOTO-only design is just one of the ways TOTO makes it easier to keep the WASHLET+ toilets cleaner longer. 


NEOREST® Smart Toilets

TOTO Neorest
TOTO’s NEOREST collection offers the most innovative, design-forward array of smart toilets available with elegant designs drawn from nature, cutting-edge technology, flawless performance, and extraordinary comfort. Their clean, simple lines will accentuate any modern bath. They offer a wide array of luxury features, including hands-free open/close, auto flush, customizable warm-water personal cleansing, heated seat, night light, and remote control. These stunning universal height, skirted designs are tankless.


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