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The Perfect Tool for the Renovation Season: TOTO’s Virtual Showroom

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The Perfect Tool for the Renovation Season: TOTO’s Virtual Showroom

TOTO’s Virtual Showroom Enables You to Harness the Immersive Power of Virtual Reality to Open Your Clients’ Minds and Homes to New TOTO Product Possibilities.


TOTO USA has implemented 3-D technology to create a virtual representation of our esteemed partners’ showrooms for an innovative experience with TOTO products. Our virtual showroom is an interactive product demonstration tool that seamlessly integrates product spec sheets, brochures, informational videos, and easy-to-find product pricing. Its intuitive hot-spot-based navigation system and sliding menu bar enable design-build professionals, showroom associates, and consumers to jump among locations with a couple of clicks.

Upon accessing TOTO’s virtual showroom, you are prompted with a welcome screen, listing the navigation instructions for the best digital experience possible. You and your clients are then transported into the virtual TOTO showroom with one click. 

Image of TOTO's Virtual Showroom home page

Your Virtual Tour

Your journey starts at the reception desk, where you find “hot spots” that will help you and your customers better understand the products. NEORESTS, WASHLETS, and information on our CLEANOVATION technologies are immediately to your right, facilitating the opportunity to browse. Each of our spaces is designed to work hand-in-hand with your clients’ needs and provide you with product information that is readily available for download. Equipped with a virtual reality 3D viewing option, TOTO’s virtual showroom is dedicated to providing immersive experiences. Clients feel at ease when shopping for products for their in-home luxury spa bath. 

The Perfect Client Consultation Tool 

By now, I’m sure you’re asking why this tool should earn a spot in your toolbox. Besides its ease of use and intuitive product interactions, TOTO’s virtual showroom helps you and your clients effortlessly find the products they need. 

Design-build professionals and showroom associates, this interactive tool is for you! 

TOTO’s virtual showroom is an excellent catalyst for design conversations with clients as you can pull up accurate examples of how particular products will look in their bathroom environment. For example, imagine meeting with a couple who is unsure about the design direction for their master bath space and aren’t familiar with the difference between a Drake WASHLET+ C5  and an Aquia IV WASHLET + S550e. This moment would be the perfect opportunity to enter TOTO’s digital showroom, see 3D images of the products, review the benefits of each, and provide spec sheets for them to take home for later reference. This digital showroom is an excellent research tool, helping eliminate any hesitation regarding TOTO products, as they would’ve seen the product in 3D and reviewed its specifications already. By providing deep education, TOTO’s virtual showroom has the power to expedite a customer’s purchasing journey, increasing satisfaction overall. 

Design-build professionals and showroom associates, we understand that sometimes you’re in a location where visiting a showroom in person isn’t feasible. However, your clients still want to experience these products before they purchase. In situations like this, TOTO’s Virtual Showroom offers the opportunity to browse TOTO’s elegant product portfolio and choose models about which you and your clients want to learn more. If you have a question, just submit a “Contact Us” request (found in the bottom-left corner of your screen), and a TOTO’s customer service representative will get back to you promptly. 

Shop The Look

TOTO’s digital showroom incorporates four “Shop The Look” bathroom suites – LuxuryPremium, and Reserve on the residential side and our IoT commercial restroom – to help your clients bring their vision to life. Whether residential or commercial, TOTO’s Virtual Showroom is the perfect resource to see how our range of products best works for your clients’ homes or commercial projects and the people that will use it. 

Image of TOTO's "Shop the Look" Suites

The Premium suite illustrates a luxurious master bath environment complete with ZN Automatic Lavatory Faucets and a Kiwami Oval Vessel Lavatory for an elevated experience. With CLEAN MATTE finish available, the Kiwami semi-vessel lavatory is exceptional. It was created with CEFIONTECT technology to minimize dirt and debris’s ability to stick to its surface. LINEARCERAM® technology, which is a testament to TOTO’s innovative prowess in the area of materials science. By creating an exquisitely thin-walled yet highly functional lavatory design, TOTO enhances the elegance of the bathroom experience with a new dimension in beauty. Although eye-catchingly thin-walled, the lavatory’s oval design is extremely strong. Along the thinnest part of the lavatory’s frame, the LINEARCERAM is approximately half the thickness of a conventional basin wall. At the same time, however, this material has almost twice the tensile strength of fireclay. 

While helping clients, I’m sure there have been times when product information isn’t readily available or a client has a specific product modification question that requires further exploration. We want to assist our design-build professionals and showroom representatives, so why not integrate this tool into your everyday interactions? Using this tool, you will have open access to all TOTO-linked product materials within the virtual showroom. This virtual display acts as a complement to help the customers flesh out their ideas for more concrete decision-making when it comes time to buy the product. We want to help eliminate as many shopping impediments as possible.

Image of TOTO's Premium Suite

The Luxury suite gives a contemporary look at our toilets, faucets, lavatories, and shower products. TOTO’S dual-mode showerhead is ideal for relaxation, offering WARM SPA and COMFORT WAVE technologies, which target both comfort and water efficiency. Sophistication and elegance are at the core of TOTO products, and the “shop the look” Luxury Suite highlights how each of those elements come together for a timeless application. While this suite only introduces these products’ possibilities, it is powerful to see how each piece compliments the other for a seamless translation across all demographics.

Image of TOTO's Luxury Suite

The Reserve suite, on the other hand, depicts a tranquil scene that houses our Nexus S550e WASHLET+ One-Piece Toilet and G-Series faucets for a polished, residential feel. It’s great to have a tool that people can use to build bath environments and help conceptualize particular products and their role in their lives. Clients who resonate with water conservation will appreciate our EPA  models. Those looking for inclusive design will appreciate our universal design products, which are ADA compliant. TOTO products are designed for every household member, with their inclusive design and intuitive functionality. The Reserve suite captures the essence of a beautiful family bathroom. 

Image of TOTO's Reserve Suite

For the public restroom space, our IoT Commercial suite is comprised of IoT-Enabled ECOPOWER® Smart-Sensor Flush Valves for Toilets, Urinals, Faucets, and IoT-Enabled Auto Soap Smart-Sensor Dispensers. With a technology-driven approach to wellness and cleanliness, it is safe to say this representation of TOTO’s IoT commercial suite is a compelling source for our design-build professionals. They are interested in specifying a smart public restroom for future projects. This virtual reality space is designed as an airport bathroom, which presents a good starting point for the practical application of these ideas.

Image of TOTO's IoT Commercial Suite

As you maneuver throughout each virtual bathroom suite space, the collection of TOTO styles allows your clients to feel satisfied with their product choices and the company that provides them. By simplifying the buying process, we focus on the more important aspects like product integrity and manufacturing design. In creating realistic settings with virtual examples of our products, we boost your clients’ trust and build their product knowledge. This virtual reality tool enables design-build professionals and showroom representatives to achieve outstanding results. 

Visit TOTO’s Virtual Showroom Today

By stopping by our virtual showroom, you allow yourself the opportunity to immerse yourself in high-quality TOTO products without leaving your house. While our Find a Showroom feature helps locate our in-person showrooms, our digital showroom is a crucial asset in planning your clients’ next renovation or gift. You’ll have access to our online TOTO brochures and product specification sheets, all located in one place. 

If inspiration is what you’re looking for, we got you covered there too. Our digital presence was created to enable our design-build professionals, showroom associates, and consumers to engage with our products in a new and exciting way. As interactive software continues to evolve, we will be able to continue to provide unique and impressive experiences for our customers. 

We want to stay in contact with you! TOTO’s “Contact Us” form allows you to send us product-specific questions, and our customer service team will provide you with a quick response. We understand the importance of equipping our customers with reliable information and ensuring your inquiries are addressed promptly. This feature was meant to educate and connect users when they need technical assistance or wish to speak with a sales agent.


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