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The-Benefits-of-Toto-Touchless-Faucets-Hygiene-Convenience-and-Energy-Efficiency Plumbing Market

The Benefits of Toto Touchless Faucets: Hygiene, Convenience, and Energy Efficiency

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The Benefits of Toto Touchless Faucets: Hygiene, Convenience, and Energy Efficiency

In recent years, TOUCHLESS faucets have gained popularity in residential and commercial settings, revolutionizing how we interact with water. Today, consumers are intensely concerned about infectious disease transmission when using restrooms in airports, shopping centers, schools, offices, and other facilities. They want the security of knowing they can use a public facility without the worry of coming into contact with transmissible diseases.

TOTO TOUCHLESS faucets enable consumers to wash their hands in public restrooms without touching the faucet. Consequently, they are secure in the knowledge that they are using a restroom where disease transmission opportunities are fewer, and they are helping reduce the spread of communicable diseases.

TOTO has emerged as the leader in TOUCHLESS faucet technology among the leading brands. From improved hygiene and convenience to water and energy efficiency, TOTO’s smart-sensor TOUCHLESS faucets offer a compelling solution that enhances the user experience while minimizing health concerns. 

Let’s explore the expansive benefits TOTO TOUCHLESS faucets offer.


You may wonder what distinguishes TOTO from other brands. At TOTO, we are committed to maintaining an intuitive approach to our plumbing products, ensuring ease of use. Our TOUCHLESS faucet design is a prime example. Engineered with water conservation in mind, our smart-sensor TOUCHLESS faucets are thoughtfully constructed to improve our consumers’ hygiene and washing experience. 

A deep understanding of the inner workings of our TOUCHLESS faucet technology further exemplifies TOTO’s technology-forward ideology. By utilizing infrared sensors, we control when our TOUCHLESS faucets’ power is activated and deactivated, which aids water conservation. For example, most people have entered a public bathroom and found a faucet with the water running and no one standing near it. This results from an issue with the faucet’s internal sensor system’s capturing light reflected from sources outside the faucet’s controller.

With TOTO’s added polarizer component located in the upper part of the faucet, we control how the faucet absorbs or blocks light in the bathroom space. As explained on TOTO’s Global site,

 “A typical infrared faucet sensor receives the reflected longitudinal and transverse light waves as they are. However, if a film (or polarizing plate) that blocks those longitudinal waves is attached to the sensor, only the transverse waves will pass through. Likewise, if a polarizing plate that blocks transverse waves is attached, only longitudinal waves are transmitted. Applying this principle, TOTO's smart-sensor faucet has a polarizing plate attached to its sensor. As a result, the sensor is less sensitive to building materials such as mirrors and stainless steel that reflect light. Instead, the sensor responds only to a user’s ‘hands,’ which cause diffuse reflection when light hits them.”

TOTO engineers designed our TOUCHLESS faucet sensors to continue evolving and getting smarter with use, so they are built to discern between different reflective materials. Understanding when a material reflects light longer than it should allows our TOUCHLESS faucets to avoid malfunctioning during use, which improves the facility’s water management.


One of the key benefits of TOTO TOUCHLESS faucets is their ability to reduce water waste by controlling usage frequency. Traditional faucets rely on consumers’ manual operation, often resulting in unintentional water waste from their forgetfulness or negligence. On the other hand, TOTO smart-sensor TOUCHLESS faucets have redefined the bathroom etiquette standard. Our faucets’ touch-free operation detects the user's hands’ presence first. Then it initiates water flow, shutting off the water when their hands are no longer detected, eliminating the possibility of TOTO’s TOUCHLESS faucet running unnecessarily.

In a residential setting, the U.S. EPA WaterSense program states, “Replacing old, inefficient faucets and aerators with WaterSense labeled models can save the average family 700 gallons of water per year, equal to the amount of water needed to take 45 showers.

Installing TOTO smart-sensor TOUCHLESS faucets in your company restroom or home bathroom is beneficial for water and energy conservation, with the added benefit of cost savings. “Awamatsu” is the Japanese word that refers to TOTO's standard water discharge technology, which is the backbone of our TOUCHLESS faucet, embodying that attention to detail since 1984.

As related on our Global site, “Many of TOTO's automatic faucets use foaming technology.… The water is discharged containing air (or aerated), so the water volume increases, giving you a comfortable washing experience while saving water. In addition, this air-infused water does not splash when it hits your hand or a lavatory bowl.” This smart technology ensures no water is wasted, making TOTO TOUCHLESS faucets an eco-conscious choice.

Our TOUCHLESS faucets are powered by using the energy of flowing water, directly reducing our environmental waste. No need for hardwiring to a building’s electrical system or disposable battery use, which is costly and hazardous to the environment.

We call this revolutionary technology ECOPOWER“In other words, ECOPOWER is a cycle in which the person who used the faucet first stores the power of the next personThe balance between energy generation and energy consumption is cyclical and always in storage mode, even when unused. As the sensor is constantly in use, users never have to worry about whether the faucet will function properly, as the energy is always readily available to power the device. There is no minimum use threshold, which makes TOTO TOUCHLESS ECOPOWR faucets even more attractive when considering faucet longevity. With added components like a backup battery for your convenience, a TOTO faucet will always be a top choice if you want a more reliable, maintainable, and environmentally friendly option for your bathroom space.

For more information, check out our parent company, TOTO LTD’s site:


As related above, public restrooms are high-traffic environments where large numbers of people gather and share facilities, making them potential hotspots for germs and diseases passed from one person to another. TOTO TOUCHLESS faucets play a crucial role in addressing this concern by minimizing direct contact with contaminated surfaces. Thus, installing TOTO TOUCHLESS faucets in public restrooms offers several key benefits.

Firstly, they give users peace of mind and confidence in maintaining good hand hygiene. Individuals can wash their hands effectively and without concern by eliminating the need to touch potentially contaminated surfaces. Secondly, TOUCHLESS faucets contribute to overall restroom cleanliness and encourage enhanced personal awareness by reducing the need to touch other items or people in the bathroom. This, in turn, creates a healthier environment for all restroom visitors.


Another primary benefit of TOTO TOUCHLESS faucets is their ability to enhance hygiene and general safety levels. Traditional faucets require physical contact, making them breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. However, with our TOUCHLESS faucets, users can eliminate the need for direct contact, significantly reducing the risk of germ transference. With a simple wave of the hand in a residential bathroom or placing the hand beneath the faucet in a public restroom, the water flow is initiated, eliminating the hassle of dealing with half-clean handles or knobs in high-traffic public restrooms or residential bathrooms. This improves user experience overall, as you no longer have to consider hand-washing as an additional drawn-out step. Additionally, TOTO TOUCHLESS faucets are offered in numerous finishes, enhancing beauty and personalization.

TOTO TOUCHLESS faucets play a pivotal role in maintaining sanitary conditions for a seamless user experience by eliminating touchpoints.


TOTO TOUCHLESS faucets offer a range of benefits that improve hygiene, convenience, and water and energy efficiency. TOUCHLESS faucets are vital in reducing cross-contamination and enhancing overall cleanliness in public restrooms, where the risk of germ transference is particularly high. With the added advantage of energy efficiency and water conservation, TOTO TOUCHLESS faucets emerge as an ideal choice for residential and commercial applications. We can create safer, more hygienic, and sustainable environments by embracing this innovative technology.


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