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Neorest: The Apex of Smart Toilet Design - Plumbing Market

Neorest: The Apex of Smart Toilet Design

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Neorest: The Apex of Smart Toilet Design

TOTO, the longstanding global innovator in the luxury bathroom space, excels in all things hygiene and design, and our NEORESTS are no exception. TOTO’s adroit material science methods, thorough engineering brilliance, and a huge commitment to company-wide sustainability efforts further ratify our purpose of “providing cleanliness and comfort for life.” 

Rather than worry about frivolous add-ons, TOTO encourages a deeper focus on consumer needs within the bathroom industry and is subsequently revered for its established technologically-driven bathroom applications and its attention to detail. Sitting at the intersection of comfort and cleanliness, TOTO’s NEOREST is the answer for an empowered cleaning experience, both personal and product. 


So, why is the NEOREST the best choice for an enhanced bathroom experience? At first glance, it can be hard to distinguish between the different bathroom technologies that are beneficial for cleansing and products that are mere bells and whistles. It’s easy to dress up a trendy product, but establishing years of research and design expertise and industry accolades are what will remain solid for years to come. Our products are built to last, and the NEOREST epitomizes the longevity and quality essential to the way we do business. We’re good at what we do. We provide timeless products that reflect your home’s standards.

Bathrooms are constructed with functionality and efficiency in mind. And as TOTO continues to toe the line of luxury and design, our exhaustive efforts to fulfill consumers’ desire to have consistent, reliable, and exceptional products is just the beginning of a long list of reasons TOTO’s NEOREST is superior in the ways that matter the most. TOTO has leveraged its advanced tools and technologies to produce a line of products that function at the highest level of wellness and cleanliness. NEOREST has been at the center of TOTO’s luxury brand for a long time now, and it's imperative we discuss its impact on how we view cleanliness in an advanced and inventive way. 


Image of TOTO's first NEOREST EX 

NEORESTS are high-caliber, well-designed, and intentional bathroom products that transcend the usual consumer demand. The NEOREST EX, the first of its kind, launched in 1993 with astonishing personal cleaning capabilities. Its unique tankless design and electronic control system was a pioneer in the industry and cemented TOTO’s guiding clean principles for NEORESTS that followed. Early iterations of our wand technology and oscillating features set the pace for TOTO’s high-level hygiene technologies today. With both wall-hung and floor-mount options, NEOREST’S versatility is impeccable and hard to mimic. 

The current NEOREST 700HRH, and NX1 models are exquisite choices for an introduction to the cutting-edge bathroom technology known to TOTO. While made to accentuate any home, each NEOREST smart toilet is complete with sophisticated curves and a sleek presence that cultivates a serene environment welcome to all. Its uniquely crafted bowl designs compliment any residential or commercial bath environment and budget. Its elegant, skirted design enables easy maintenance while staying true to your modern bathroom needs. TOTO highlights these particular features as it illuminates NEOREST’S first-rate status as a time-tested luxury product. The NEOREST technology was introduced nearly 30 years ago and is still relevant in today’s market as its countless benefits continue to outweigh and outlast other products. 


NEORESTS possess clean bathroom technologies that are deliberate in heightening the customer’s everyday experience. By achieving CLEAN SYNERGY, our CEFIONTECT®EWATER+®, and TORNADO FLUSH® technologies contribute to unlimited bowl cleaning sessions. The collaboration of these technologies is innovative in its own right and raises the bar for automatic bowl cleansing performance. As we continue working towards providing a seamless NEOREST experience for our customers, we look to our material technologies, operating in harmony, to restore your TOTO toilet anew after every use. 

TOTO’s CEFIONTECT® ceramic glaze is fired into the NEOREST bowl’s surface during manufacturing to help long-term preservation. Though described as a glaze, this unique material is incredibly durable and crucial in blocking waste particles from sticking. Its elements create a surface that incorporates glass as a defense and attracts water, making it easy to eliminate grime quicker. However strong, the fine-milled formula allows the glaze to extend across the surface without affecting the overall appearance of the NEOREST. The glaze is both functional and helps keep the NEOREST beautiful for years to come.

Moreover, the CEFIONTECT glaze paired with our ACTILIGHT® technology -- special photocatalytic glaze fired onto the bowl -- works intelligently to provide the utmost cleansing care. The AC750H, and NX2 NEORESTS all include TOTO’s smart ACTLIGHT technology and pique our interest with their intuitive self-cleaning protection systems. As the CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze protects the toilet surface from debris, the ACTILIGHT technology harnesses the power of light, oxygen, and water to eliminate visible and invisible waste with a special cleaning light. Built into the lid of the NEOREST, the ACTILIGHT CLEAN LIGHT system acts as the final checkpoint for waste removal and promotes peace of mind after each use. 

Our EWATER+ self-cleansing wand and PREMIST function work together seamlessly to uphold the integrity of the technology and cleaning applications. The PREMIST sprays inside the toilet before use, and EWATER+ follows after use. The premist function saturates the bowl’s surface, making it hard for waste to cling. The EWATER+ mists the wand inside and out, before and after every use, and mists the bowl after every use to reduce dirt and grime buildup. 

The TORNADO® FLUSH, admired by many for its holistic cleansing style, is the perfect added component that allows our products to shine as they should. Incorporating robust water streams with a 360-degree water swirl for a comprehensive clean, the TORNADO® FLUSH is crafted to hit every crevice to

 Image of TOTO's TORNADO FLUSH 360-degree swirl

effectively remove waste and wash away any worry of cleanup by the individual after use. This high-performance flushing technology targets waste in areas most traditional toilets miss while maintaining an appropriate water consumption level to conserve water. 

We could go on about our expansive toilet cleaning technology applications, but we think it's also essential to acknowledge the intentions behind their applications.


Energy Conservation

Image of Hironobu Hattori holding a bidet seat

TOTO’s proficiency in the bathroom business has allowed us to experiment with sustainable opportunities, otherwise inaccessible if not for our adept design engineers. With responsibility for energy conservation, TOTO design engineer Hironobu Hattori’s TOTO’S Green Story article addresses the glaring question, "How can we conserve energy more efficiently?" TOTO leads in providing actionable product solutions, and we see that depiction in our NEOREST’s automatic heated seats. To conserve energy, this device only activates when the person sits down instead of requiring energy before and after use. By achieving the goal of creating seats that heat to 29℃ in only 6 seconds, TOTO’s NEOREST and other WASHLET products work more skillfully to bring enjoyment to the user while conserving energy. While TOTO has consistently adhered to its sustainability goals over its 100+-year history, its conservation focus is necessary and greatly appreciated now, more than ever, with the global community’s recent shift towards preserving our planet and future. 

Water Conservation

As a practiced leader in the water conservation field, TOTO’s commitment to producing environmentally friendly products has long withstood its other competitors in the industry. So much so that TOTO was presented with the first-ever national Water Efficiency Leader award by the Environmental Protection Agency. By incorporating our HYBRID ECOLOGY SYSTEM in our NEOREST products, minimal water is used with each flush for a waste-free experience. The HYBRID ECOLOGY SYSTEM employs a dual stream of water from both the residential plumbing system and an internal tank, requiring only 1.0 GPF or 3.8 liters. With a corporate ideology of “Water, Earth, and a Better Tomorrow,” TOTO embraces a sustainability ethics code regarding its water usage without disturbing its performance. TOTO’s water efficiency is a prominent source of value for our customers and keeps us abreast of the evolving nature of water conservation. 


As we know, TOTO is the paradigm of luxurious relaxation. However, it is nice to be recognized for our hard work by our peers. These awards advance our credibility as a research, design, and conservation leader within the plumbing industry. TOTO’s NEORESTS are well-crafted by innovative engineers and sought out by many customers for their purposeful designs. To further highlight its “people-first innovation” credo, TOTO received the Red Dot Design Award for the NEOREST NX and the iF Design Award for the NEOREST AH and RH for their outstanding design. The NEOREST NX (2018 winner) was praised for its refined and organic beauty while continuing to meet the high demands of cleanliness, hygiene and performance demanded of an all-in-one smart toilet. Similarly, our NEOREST AH and RH (2019 winner) exemplify clever universal design, functional performance, and modern technology that provides high user comfort. They are perfect for any bathroom.  

As bathrooms were once seen solely as practical, TOTO has made it clear that boosting functionality and maintaining elegant, masterful designs is not something you must choose between – you can have both. 


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