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Made-in-the-USA-How-Toto-Meets-Domestic-Demand-Through-Domestic-Goods Plumbing Market

Made in the USA! How Toto Meets Domestic Demand Through Domestic Goods

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Made in the USA! How Toto Meets Domestic Demand Through Domestic Goods

When it comes to high-quality bathroom fixtures, the name TOTO is synonymous with excellence. 

One thing that sets TOTO apart from our competitors is our commitment to manufacturing many of our china products (like our world-renowned toiletslavatories, and urinals) locally to meet local needs. For the North American market, that means manufacturing right here in the United States with a commitment to our heritage of Japanese manufacturing and design prowess.


TOTO entered the U.S. market in 1989 with 1.6 GPF toilets (considered water-efficient at the time) during a historic drought in California. Since 1996, TOTO USA has called Morrow, Georgia, our headquarters. Today, TOTO maintains manufacturing, assembly, distribution, and warehousing operations in Georgia and California. 

The manufacturing process at TOTO USA is a carefully orchestrated process that involves skilled workers and cutting-edge technology.


The definition of "U.S. made" typically refers to products manufactured within the United States using a significant amount of domestic materials and labor. One of the key factors in the manufacturing process of TOTO toilets and other chinaware is the use of a special clay material called vitreous china. 

This material is used to make the bowl and tank of the toilet, and it is known for its durability and resistance to stains and scratches. The vitreous china is molded, then fired at high temperatures to create seamless, hygienic surfaces that are easy to clean.

Once the vitreous china is molded and fired, the toilet’s components are assembled using a combination of robotic and manual processes. TOTO's manufacturing facility is equipped with advanced robotic machinery that can perform precise, repetitive tasks, such as drilling holes and attaching fittings. 

However, many of the assembly processes are hand-crafted, as TOTO believes that the human touch is essential to ensuring our products' outstanding quality and superior workmanship.

Throughout the manufacturing process, TOTO maintains strict quality control measures to ensure that every toilet meets TOTO’s exacting standards for performance and durability. Each toilet is inspected multiple times throughout production to detect defects or imperfections. 

Any toilet that does not meet TOTO's exceptionally high-quality standards is removed from the production line and either reworked, recycled, or occasionally discarded.


The importance of "Made in the USA'' goes beyond national pride; it represents TOTO’s dedication to customer service, support for local communities, and commitment to environmental sustainability.

Let’s delve into each aspect:

  1. Improved Customer Service: By manufacturing products in the U.S., TOTO reduces risk factors and enhances customer service. The products don't have to travel long distances to reach their destinations, which reduces shipping delays, in-transit damage, and logistical complications. Customers enjoy quicker delivery times, and TOTO realizes a more reliable supply chain. Read more here

2. Support for Local Communities: TOTO's commitment to manufacturing in the U.S. means we actively contribute to the local economy by providing job opportunities for  American workers. Moreover, we forge partnerships with local recycling facilities and tile companies to ensure responsible waste management and minimize our environmental impact. Further, by sourcing a significant amount of the china and ball clays from Georgia and Tennessee, TOTO supports our regional clay partners, fostering economic growth and job opportunities within those communities. These collaborations benefit TOTO and the surrounding areas through increased employment and economic stability.

3. Reduced Carbon Footprint: Manufacturing in the U.S. aligns with TOTO's global environmental vision by reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation. Producing bathroom fixtures closer to their intended markets significantly reduces the distance traveled, leading to lower greenhouse gas emissions from shipping. Moreover, TOTO can closely monitor and implement eco-friendly practices throughout the manufacturing process, minimizing waste generation and energy consumption. By choosing U.S.-made TOTO products, customers indirectly contribute to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable manufacturing processes.

As a global corporation with manufacturing facilities worldwide, TOTO recognizes the importance of its impact on local communities and the environment. We are committed to fostering long-term relationships and minimizing our environmental footprint wherever it operates.


TOTO's Japanese ancestry and design prowess are integral to our approach to manufacturing exceptional high-design, high-performance bathroom fixtures that protect the planet as we have done for over 100 years. TOTO’s legacy of craftsmanship and precise attention to detail allows us to infuse our products with a unique blend of elegance, innovation, functionality, and reliability. 

TOTO’s decision to manufacture our products in the United States is a testament to our dedication to supporting the U.S. economy, our customers, employees, partners, and the planet. By producing locally, TOTO successfully blends our Japanese heritage, design expertise, and manufacturing prowess with a commitment to meeting the needs of the North American market. This approach supports local communities, reduces the environmental impact, and exemplifies our unwavering commitment to product superiority and responsible business practices. This is the TOTO Way.


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