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How to Clean Your Toto Washlet Bidet Seat

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How to Clean Your Toto Washlet Bidet Seat

TOTO, a leading innovator in bathroom technology, has revolutionized personal hygiene with its high-tech WASHLET bidet seats. Offering unparalleled comfort and cleanliness, the WASHLET bidet seat has become a popular choice for individuals seeking a luxurious and refreshing bathroom experience. However, like any other bathroom fixture, proper cleaning and maintenance are essential to ensure optimal performance and cleanliness. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process for cleaning your TOTO WASHLET bidet seat, so you will always enjoy its benefits to the fullest.


Before you start cleaning your TOTO WASHLET bidet seat, you must gather the necessary cleaning supplies. Having these items on hand from the beginning is easier, so you don’t waste time going back and forth to source them. 

You will need:

  • Mild liquid soap or a pH-neutral cleaner
  • Warm water
  • Soft microfiber cloth or sponge
  • Toothbrush
  • Bucket
  • Flathead screwdriver

Using a microfiber cloth won’t scratch your WASHLET bidet seat’s surfaces, and coupled with the mild soap, it helps to maintain the integrity of your WASHLET’s advanced CLEAN RESIN, which repels dirt and grime. In addition, the extra bucket and toothbrush will aid when meticulously detailing your WASHLET and effectively minimize any potential mess.


This precautionary second step is crucial to ensure safety when cleaning your WASHLET.

Before you start cleaning, please turn off your WASHLET bidet seat and remove its power supply by unplugging it from the electrical outlet. By following these guidelines, you can assure a safe cleaning experience.


To maximize the lifespan of your WASHLET, we recommend wiping the exterior of the bidet seat and lid daily. This simple routine will help preserve the quality and durability of WASHLET’s advanced surfaces. 

Start by wiping down the exterior of the bidet seat and lid using a soft microfiber cloth or sponge dampened with warm water and a mild liquid soap or pH-neutral cleaner. Wring excess water into the bucket to improve spot cleaning and eliminate unnecessary debris. Next, gently remove any stains or dirt, paying extra attention to seams and crevices. 

Remove the WASHLET bidet seat’s lid by slightly tilting it forward, gently pulling outwards at its left side until the lid’s pin disconnects from the seat hinge. Next, disconnect the right side, and access the hidden surfaces for additional cleaning. 

To reattach the WASHLET lid, align the pin and hinge on the right side. Then, gently tilt the lid forward while gently pulling the left side outward to connect the pin and hinge. Exercise caution to avoid any potential finger-pinching.

It is best to avoid using abrasive cleaners, bleach, or harsh chemicals, as they can damage the lid’s surface. In addition, these cleaning chemicals can cause the CLEAN RESIN to become discolored or even crack over time.


To ensure thorough cleaning, it is crucial not to overlook the area behind the attached seat. This allows you to assess if debris remains after the initial bidet seat cleaning.

Safety first. Start by turning off your WASHLET bidet seat and unplugging it from the wall.

To remove the bidet seat, press the quick-release button on the right side of the WASHLET and gently pull it towards you. Do not pull forcefully. Remember that the water supply and power cord are attached. 

With the microfiber cloth, clean the area, removing any accumulated dust and debris. Allow the area to air dry completely before remounting your WASHLET bidet seat to the toilet bowl.

To remount the bidet seat, center it on the WASHLET’s base plate on your toilet and slide it back into the baseplate until you hear a click into place. Once properly mounted, your WASHLET will remain securely attached, even when gently pulling forward. Next, plug the WASHLET into the outlet. You will see the LED light come on. 

If, however, all the LED lights flash after remounting, it’s not mounted correctly. In that case, unplug and remove the WASHLET and remount it. Ensure the unit is flat, then slide both sides evenly until you hear it click into place.

We suggest you clean this area once a month and follow these instructions about detaching and reattaching the seat.


Here, you will finally use that toothbrush! To clean your Deodorizer Filter, ensure the WASHLET bidet seat is unplugged and gently pull the filter from the right side. Gently brush off any residue before placing the filter back into the WASHLET. Please ensure the filter is completely dry before inserting it back into your TOTO WASHLET. 

Once properly replaced, you will hear a click once the filter is in place. Next, plug your WASHLET back into the outlet to see the LED light appear on your seat. 

We suggest you clean your deodorizer filter at least once a month, but it is up to your discretion.


The next step may be a bit tricky, but that is why we’ve created this handy step-by-step post to guide you through the process. 

Start by turning off the water shut-off valve. Caution! Don’t remove the Water Filter Drain Valve while the water shut-off valve is open to limit water leakage. 

Next, press the “Wand Cleaning” button on the back of the remote control to extend the wand from its housing. You will need to turn off and unplug your WASHLET from here to cancel any of its other functions while you focus on cleaning the water filter. 

Then, on the left side of your WASHLET bidet seat, remove the Water Filter Drain Valve’s cover and use your flathead screwdriver to loosen the filter and gently pull it out. Use your toothbrush to gently remove debris from the filter under running until clean before reinserting it into your WASHLET. Take your flathead screwdriver and tighten the filter once more before use. 

Lastly, replace the Water Filter Drain Valve cover, and plug your WASHLET bidet seat back into its original power source. The LED light will automatically activate. As the final step, open the water shut-off valve. 

We suggest you do this every six months or if you believe the WASHLET bidet seat’s water pressure has weakened.


(Deodorizer not available on WASHLET A2, A100, or KC2 models)

Start by unplugging your WASHLET bidet seat to enhance your safety during this process. Then press the quick-release button on the right side of the seat and pull it towards you gently. Next, use the flathead screwdriver to remove the Deodorizer Cartridge Cover gently. Be careful not to scratch the WASHLET or the deodorizer cover. 

Pull the old Deodorizer Cartridge by its flap to remove it. Next, please insert the new Deodorizer Cartridge with the cover following it. When the cover is properly aligned again, you will hear it click into place. Neither will detach if gently pulled; from here, you can plug your WASHLET back in for its full function. 

We suggest you replace the Deodorizer Cartridge every six months or if there is still an odor after cleaning the deodorizer filter.


As mentioned before, you can use the remote to access your wand for easy cleaning. To do so, press “menu” on the back of the remote, then “cleaning,” and then “wand cleaning” to expose the wand. 

The wand will extend into the bowl with softly trickling water to help with the cleaning process. Once you’ve gently cleaned the wand with the microfiber cloth, press “Stop” on the remote control’s front, and the wand will retract. Be sure not to pull, push or press on the wand, as that will cause it to malfunction. 

We suggest you clean your wand monthly for optimal performance. 


In four easy steps, we will provide outstanding Technical Support for your TOTO products. As TOTO is located throughout North America, you can always ensure your product is well cared for. 

  1. You Make Service Request: Call our helpline – 888.295.8134, Option 4 -- to have one of our highly trained Technical Support Associates assist you with your product issue. 
  2. TOTO Takes the Request: A Technical Support Associate will contact you to review the next steps. 
  3. We Schedule a Visit: TOTO will work your schedule to arrive at a convenient time for one of our Technical Support Associates to visit your home to repair the TOTO product.
  4. TOTO Repairs Your Product - Once Technical Support Associate is dispatched to your home, we will repair your product at quickly and efficiently as possible. Again, you will have one-on one-time to ask any questions to ensure your product is operating at its highest level. 

For further details, please get in touch with TOTO’s tech service at 1-888-295-8134 or visit:

Ensuring a comfortable, refreshing personal cleansing experience relies on the upkeep of a clean and fully functional TOTO WASHLET bidet seat. Maintaining its cleanliness and optimal performance guarantees a satisfying and revitalizing experience every time you use it.

Following the step-by-step cleaning process outlined in this guide, you can keep your bidet seat in excellent working condition and enhance your personal hygiene. Remember to regularly clean your TOTO WASHLET® bidet seat to enjoy the full benefits of its innovative features. We seek a clean that will last you a lifetime.


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