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Gallon-for-Gallon-Unveiling-the-Eco-truth-of-Luxury-Low-flow-Vs.-Traditional-Toilets Plumbing Market

Gallon for Gallon: Unveiling the Eco-truth of Luxury Low-flow Vs. Traditional Toilets

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Gallon for Gallon: Unveiling the Eco-truth of Luxury Low-flow Vs. Traditional Toilets

Traditional and luxury low-flow toilets, like TOTO’s, vary in environmental impacts. Both types of toilets have unique characteristics that affect water consumption, energy usage, wastewater treatment, material resources, maintenance, and lifespan. The following analysis will delve into a critical showdown between the two toilet types, including the luxurious attributes of TOTO’s NEOREST and WASHLET lines.

Water Consumption: Traditional toilets, particularly those in older or historical buildings, can consume a substantial amount of water, with some models using as much as 3.5 to 7 gallons (13 to 26 liters) per flush. This high consumption starkly contrasts modern water conservation standards and can be found in places where these regulations are not strictly enforced or where updates to meet modern standards have yet to occur.

In contrast, TOTO’s low-flow luxury toilets, engineered to use significantly less water, are at the forefront of water conservation. Many TOTO toilets consume as little as 1.0 gallon (3.8 liters) per flush, and our dual-flush models offer even more efficiency, with options for the light flush using only 0.8 or 0.9 gallons (3 or 3.4 liters). These low water consumption rates align with or surpass modern regulations and set a new standard for water efficiency in the industry.

The disparity between older, high-water-volume-consuming toilets and TOTO’s innovative low-flow models highlights the advancements in water conservation technology. By offering toilets whose flush volume ranges from 0.8 to 1.6 gallons (3 to 6 liters) per flush, TOTO provides consumers with the flexibility to choose models that align with their water-saving goals and exceed compliance with local regulations.

Whether through its 1.0-gallon single-flush toilets or dual-flush options, TOTO leads the way in reducing water consumption, helping conserve our precious water resources, and decreasing demand on potable to flush the toilet. The company’s commitment to luxury, efficiency, and sustainability sets TOTO apart in the market, providing a responsible choice for those looking to mitigate their environmental impact.

Energy Consumption: Luxury low-flow toilets by TOTO indirectly contribute to energy savings by using less water per flush. TOTO’s advanced flushing technologies, including gravity-based flushing and dual-flush mechanisms, enhance energy efficiency compared to traditional toilets.

This comparison is illustrated between TOTO’s RESTICA toilet, launched in 1999, which flushed at 2.1 gallons per flush (GPF), and our new NEOREST AS Dual Flush Toilet, which flushes at 1.0 GPF for the full flush. There is a 52% reduction in water consumed per flush between the two models. TOTO’s high-efficiency toilets are essential in areas where there are water shortages. Read more about our sustainable development goals here.

Our Aquia IV Dual Flush Toilet (1.0 GPF for the full flush and 0.9 GPF for the light) is equipped with TOTO TORNADO FLUSH technology, which utilizes the water’s velocity to support toilet cleaning rather than requiring more water to do. Moreover, this bowl cleaning automatically occurs with every flush. Its sleek, skirted design enhances any bathroom’s interior, encouraging consumers to opt for water-efficient toilets that reduce their environmental footprint without compromising style.

Additional Product Highlights:
Though a fact not known by many, TOTO was the first to market a 1.6 GPF toilet in 1989 as an answer to California’s drought issues. Today, our products have evolved to as little as 1.0 or 1.28 GPF, as our TORANDO FLUSH system is more effective in one flush than most toilets are with multiple flushes.

Our DRAKE® II 1G Two Piece Toilet accentuates TOTO’s innovative approach to a fully developed sustainable flushing system. Though this toilet consumes only 1.0 GPF, its performance is in no way impacted. This product is CalGreenWatersense, and SustainableMinds certified, ensuring that TOTO is adhering to specific water-efficiency regulations and water conservation requirements. TOTO believes in transparency for our products to arm our customers with the proper information for their water conservation needs.

Similarly, our NEXUS® 1G Two Piece Toilet is another great example of water efficiency at its finest. It flushes effectively using only 1.0 GPF. It’s important to highlight the power of these models to compete in a space that prioritizes the volume of water consumed per flush rather than how it effectively removes waste in one flush. This product is also CalGreen and  Watersense certified, with a focus on protecting the environment with each use. The next time you use your NEXUS® 1G Two Piece Toilet, you can thank TOTO for the reduction in your next water bill!

Wastewater Treatment: The environmental benefits of TOTO’s low-flow luxury toilets extend to wastewater treatment. By using less water, these toilets reduce energy and chemical consumption required by wastewater treatment facilities.

Since TOTO is dedicated to balancing cleanliness, comfort, and environmental responsibility, we want to do our part to avoid adding to the existing water conservation issues. Working in harmony with people and the environment is a TOTO corporate philosophy emphasized through our high-performance, low-flow toilets. Not to mention, TOTO is the only plumbing products manufacturer to receive the EPA’s Water Efficiency Leader Award (2006).

Material Resources: TOTO toilets, crafted from vitreous china, demonstrate the company’s commitment to sustainable practices. TOTO minimizes our environmental footprint from clay extraction to manufacturing through efficient manufacturing processes.

As TOTO’s very own William Strang, President of Corporate Strategy, eCommerce, and Customer Experience, said:

“It is interesting that often companies seek a single solution — a silver bullet — to solve their water conservation challenges …. However, there are often many small solutions — silver buckshot, so to speak — that are cumulative over time and very impactful in the way that they improve the operations’ innovation, sustainability, and competitiveness of a manufacturing facility. As TOTO is consistently committed to green practices, our products, and daily operations must also exemplify our philosophy.” 

WASHLET+ and NEOREST: Luxury Bidet Toilet Lines by TOTO
TOTO is more than a pioneer in low-flow toilet technology; we are an innovator in luxury bathroom solutions. However, in the traditional sense, luxury is not what it used to be. While the initial paradigm focused on status and exclusivity, the word has expanded to include longevity and sustainability values.

TOTO’s WASHLET+ and NEOREST lines are exemplary products that showcase TOTO’s commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and exceptional functionality.

These luxury bidet toilets include high-efficiency flushing technology, PREMIST technology, CEFIONTECT ceramic bowl glaze, EWATER+ advanced cleaning technology, TORNADO FLUSH technology, and a rimless bowl design, all interconnected within TOTO’s Clean Synergy concept.

Maintenance and Lifespan
TOTO’s luxury low-flow toilets, including the NEOREST and WASHLET+ bidet toilet models, offer automatic cleaning technologies but require regular maintenance. Regular cleaning for your WASHLET bidet is also important. With regular maintenance, the products tend to have a longer lifespan. Proper care ensures their ongoing water conservation capability and maintains the environmental benefits of these toilets.

You should regularly examine your toilet model to identify leaks or operational abnormalities. For long-term maintenance, you must avoid using specialty in-tank cleaners or harsh chemicals to clean the toilet, as they can reduce the integrity of the product over time.

If you encounter persistent issues with your low-flow toilet, do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support Team at 888.295.8134, Extension 4, or consult one of our TOTO-trained installers for customer support to help identify and address any underlying problems that might be affecting the toilet’s performance.

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A link for TOTO videos is included with further explanations of our products, technologies, and installation and maintenance tips.

TOTO’s YouTube channel also provides “how to” videos for our plumbing products. View more here.

Additional Considerations
The environmental impact of luxury toilets by TOTO also involves factors like energy sources for water treatment, wastewater disposal, and overall water management within a region.

TOTO’s Water-Efficient Luxury Toilets are the Choice for Eco-Savvy Consumers
Low-flow luxury toilets, meticulously engineered by TOTO, provide substantial benefits in water conservation, energy efficiency, and wastewater treatment. TOTO’s WASHLET+ and NEOREST products are leading examples of how aesthetics, technology, and environmental stewardship converge in luxury bidet toilet design. By integrating innovative designs like the WASHLET+, TOTO plays a critical role in resource conservation, making our products stand out for environmentally conscious consumers. TOTO’s luxury toilets elevate the bathroom experience and contribute significantly to a future of responsible living.


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