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Elevate-Your-Bathroom-Experience-With-the-Toto-Washlet-S7 Plumbing Market

Elevate Your Bathroom Experience With the Toto Washlet S7

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Elevate Your Bathroom Experience With the Toto Washlet® S7

Elevate your bathroom experience with TOTO's latest innovation, the luxurious WASHLET bidet seat. Setting a new standard for cleanliness, comfort, and convenience, TOTO continues to redefine the bathroom experience with each advancement.

Are you ready to revolutionize your daily routine? Introducing the TOTO WASHLET S7 bidet seat, designed to provide unparalleled personal hygiene and comfort. With cutting-edge features and state-of-the-art technology, the WASHLET S7 has quickly become the epitome of luxury in bidet seats. Discover the extraordinary features and benefits that make the TOTO WASHLET S7 the ultimate addition to your bathroom sanctuary.


The WASHLET S7 results from TOTO’s commitment to engineering excellence and its dedication to providing a cleaner, more comfortable, and eco-friendly bathroom experience than you’ve ever experienced. The WASHLET has continued to evolve since TOTO originated the luxury bidet seat in 1980, and it has maintained its prestige as a highly sought-after product for individuals who embrace excellence.

Since 1980, TOTO has sold more than 60 million WASHLET bidet seats worldwide. That number only increases as more consumers discover the remarkable attributes and advantages of WASHLET and TOTO’s dedication to offering luxury at every product level, permanently altering the bathroom fixture environment. With WASHLET, you can customize your experience fully, putting us ahead of the competition at each turn. This advanced electronic bidet seat is designed to blend with your existing toilet effortlessly, turning it into a spa-like oasis.


Introducing the WASHLET S7 by TOTO, an advanced bidet seat that redefines cleanliness and comfort in the bathroom.

Cleansing Functionality:

Experience precise and comfortable cleansing with the warm, aerated water spray of the WASHLET S7. Adjustable pressure and temperature settings ensure thorough cleansing, with rear, soft rear, wide, and front cleansing options available for optimal comfort and hygiene.

Oscillating and Pulsating Functions:

Enjoy soothing relief and a relaxing massage with the oscillating and pulsating water features. Customizable settings allow you to tailor the experience to your preferences, providing unparalleled comfort and cleanliness.

PREMIST® and EWATER+® Technology:

The WASHLET S7 features TOTO's innovative Cleanovation technologies. PREMIST® pre-mists the bowl before use, reducing waste and grime accumulation. EWATER+® mists the wand and bowl with electrolyzed water, ensuring cleanliness and preventing odors.

Seamless Seat Design:

Designed to eliminate gaps where dirt and grime collect, the WASHLET S7's seat design ensures easy cleaning and maintenance, contributing to its longevity.

Heated Seat and SoftClose Lid:

Enjoy a cozy seated experience with the WASHLET S7's heated seat, featuring five customizable temperature settings. The SoftClose seat and lid prevent disruptive slamming, enhancing your bathroom comfort.

Dryer Function and Automatic Air Deodorizer:

After cleansing, the built-in warm air dryer gently dries you, eliminating the need for toilet paper. The automatic air deodorizer ensures a fresh bathroom atmosphere after every use.

Night Light and Remote Control:

The WASHLET S7 features a soft-glow night light for added convenience during nighttime bathroom visits. Its sleek pearl white remote control provides easy access to all functions, allowing for effortless customization of your experience.

Memory Settings:

As you incorporate this new WASHLET bidet seat into your daily routine, its efficiency must be top-notch. The WASHLET S7’s remote has up to four personalized memory settings for four members of your family. TOTO wants to be there for you and your family.

Energy-Saving Mode:
Conserve energy with the built-in automatic and programmable energy-saving modes, which reduce electricity consumption when the bidet seat is not in use. The TOTO WASHLET S7 is designed for unlimited, instantaneous heated water for continuous warm water cleansing and energy savings. Using the WASHLET S7 adds to your luxurious experience, not your environmental footprint.


Exceptional Cleanliness:

The WASHLET S7 ensures a higher level of personal hygiene and cleanliness with its precise warm-aerated water spray. Add the oscillating or pulsating water massage feature for a spectacular experience that cleans, soothes, and relaxes.

Customized Comfort:

With adjustable settings for water temperature, pressure, and nozzle position, the WASHLET S7 tailors your bathroom experience to your exact preferences – and remembers them, so your next bathroom break is seamless.


TOTO’s commitment to environmental responsibility is reflected in the WASHLET S7’s features. It reduces the need for toilet paper, conserves water, and includes energy-saving modes, all contributing to a more sustainable bathroom routine.

Health Benefits:

The WASHLET S7 benefits individuals with certain medical conditions, providing gentle and thorough cleansing without excessive wiping, which can be harsh on sensitive skin.


With its intuitive remote control, user-friendly interface, and automatic cleaning functions, the WASHLET S7 is easy to use and maintain.

Elevated Bathroom Aesthetics:

The sleek, modern design of the WASHLET S7 complements any bathroom décor, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your space. It is also available with a classic design lid style to compliment bathrooms with traditional interior design.

Peace of Mind:

TOTO’s reputation for quality and reliability ensures that the WASHLET S7 will provide years of trouble-free operation backed by TOTO’s exceptional customer support.


If you still feel unsure about how a WASHLET will improve your life, we have designed a WASHLET configurator to assist you in making the right decision for your home.

This two-minute questionnaire will help you determine what works best for your space. Whether you prefer the WASHLET bidet seat or the WASHLET+ bidet and high-performance TOTO toilet combination, regardless of your toilet’s bowl shape being round or elongated, or even if you want to choose between cotton white or Sedona beige colors, it will guide you to the right choice.


To help you switch to our TOTO WASHLET, TOTO has conveniently provided instructions on the BILT app about installing your new WASHLET bidet seat on your existing toilet. In five easy steps and approximately 45 minutes, you can experience all the outstanding features of the WASHLET S7. You can read more about WASHLET installations here.

If you prefer a professional installation, our Factory-Trained Technicians will gladly install your new TOTO product. Read more about our exemplary white-glove installation services here.


The TOTO WASHLET S7 is more than just a bidet seat; it’s a revolution in personal hygiene, comfort, and sustainability. Brilliant engineering and design minds engineered one of TOTO’s most impactful products for the forward-looking consumer, and we urge you to experience one for yourself. Elevate your bathroom routine to a new level of luxury and cleanliness with the WASHLET S7 to know what it feels like to use an industry-leading product. While you’re at it, explore our WASHLET S7A and WASHLET G450 Smart Bidet Toilet, too. TOTO’s commitment to innovation and quality is evident in every feature, and they’re all designed to make your daily routine more enjoyable.

Upgrade your bathroom with the TOTO WASHLET S7 today and feel the difference that cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design can make in your life. It’s time to embrace a cleaner, more comfortable, and eco-friendly future for your bathroom.


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