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Discover-TOTO-s-Washlet-Bidet-Seat-s-Unparalleled-Technological-Advancements Plumbing Market

Discover TOTO's Washlet Bidet Seat's Unparalleled Technological Advancements

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Discover TOTO's Washlet Bidet Seat's Unparalleled Technological Advancements and Unlock Its Engineering Enigmas

WASHLET bidet seats offer a wide array of groundbreaking technologies that sets them apart from the rest. So, searching for the epitome of luxury and innovation in personal hygiene, light-years ahead of the competition, you’ve found your brand.  

Join us as we dive into the extraordinary technologies and engineering secrets that make WASHLET bidet seats a game-changer. From advanced engineering to eco-conscious design, TOTO has left no stone unturned in creating an unparalleled personal-cleansing experience.

Discover the magic of EWATER+® technology, the exceptional comfort of perfectly engineered spray patterns, the harmony of warm water cleansing, and the customizable settings that cater to your every need.

Learn the engineering secrets behind the truly indulgent experience of TOTO’s heated seats that save energy, warm air dryers, and intelligent sensors that make your daily routine a breeze. Explore WASHLET bidet seats and the exceptional technological advancements that set them apart from the competition.


TOTO elevates your personal hygiene routine with WASHLET bidet seats meticulously calculated Golden Angle of 43 degrees (53 degrees for the feminine front wash). Designed for precision and effectiveness, this innovative WASHLET wand angle ensures unparalleled comfort and hygiene with every use.

Through extensive testing, TOTO engineers discovered that the 43-degree angle delivers precise and thorough cleansing, leaving no inch of your perineum unwashed. Its carefully calculated design guarantees optimal water coverage, effortlessly reaching even the most hard-to-access areas. Enjoy a refreshing and invigorating experience as the warm water stream flows at the perfect angle, transforming your personal hygiene cleansing routine.

Additionally, this 43-degree angle prevents matter or soiled water from splashing back onto the wand, keeping it pristine. With WASHLET bidet seats, the wand’s cleanliness is assured with every use.

Trust TOTO's precision engineering expertise to deliver unrivaled functionality and optimal personal hygiene for your overall well-being.


CLEAN RESIN® Technology is the pinnacle of cleanliness and luxury. This technology, combined with the meticulous craftsmanship of the WASHLET wand and heated bidet seat, exemplifies the brilliance of this high-quality, stain-resistant material. 

Forged from the finest silicone-based materials with grime-resistant properties, CLEAN RESIN repels dirt, waste, and grime effortlessly, thanks to its advanced molecular structure. Due to this technological advancement, TOTO’s toilet surfaces resist the adherence of stains.

Embrace the elegance of simplicity as a gentle wipe with a soft cloth easily restores their pristine condition. With TOTO's CLEAN RESIN technology, bid farewell to arduous cleaning routines. Instead, elevate your personal sanctuary with the seamless integration of cleanliness and scientific precision offered by TOTO's transformative CLEAN RESIN technology.


Why settle for competitors' brutally strong spray experience when you can indulge in TOTO's tailored dance of water? Our ingenious AIR-IN WONDER-WAVE® water technology and WASHLET spray patterns offer unrivaled sophistication to cleanse you thoroughly with athletic power and artistic finesse.

Bid farewell to brute force and embrace the elegance of WASHLET bidet seats’ water ballet. Immerse yourself in a luxurious cascade of cleansing water, finely tuned for your comfort. Say goodbye to the ordinary and revel in extraordinary cleanliness.


Unleash the power of TOTO’s AIR-IN WONDER-WAVE water technology. This ingenious system uses air-infused droplets to deliver a personal cleansing experience beyond compare. It ensures a thorough cleanse and saves water with its innovative design. No more worries about chilly personal hygiene showers—the water is warmed instantly to keep you cozy. Dive into TOTO’s wonderous wave of efficiency, comfort, and eco-friendliness.

Rear Cleanse Spray Pattern: A Cascade of Cleanliness:

Experience a delightful celebration of effervescence with our air-infused water spheres, treating you to a thorough and invigorating personal cleansing. You'll emerge revitalized and free of guilt by minimizing your water usage.

Enjoy the Bubbly Bonanza: WASHLET Bidet Seats’ Rear Soft Cleansing Spray Pattern

Immerse yourself in a generous deluge as our plentiful air-infused water surge cascades over a wide area, providing a soothing yet impactful cleansing for a holistic, environmentally conscious encounter of thorough cleanliness.

Experience the Delicate Diffusion of Luxurious Water Drops: WASHLET Bidet Seats’ Front Cleansing Spray Pattern Design:

For intimate cleansing, our Front Cleanse Spray Pattern offers a gentle dispersion of soothing water droplets creating a comfortable, intimate cleansing experience and ensuring impeccable cleanliness with a touch of tender care.

Experience WASHLET Bidet Seats’ Gentle Dispersion of Tiny Water Droplets: Front Wide Cleansing Spray Pattern Design:

Elevate your feminine cleansing routine with our Front Cleanse Wide Spray Pattern that provides a shower of tiny air-infused water droplets, gently covering a wider area and affording a delightfully pampering experience for your sensitive intimate area.

Pristine Precision: The Cleansing Power of WASHLET Bidet Seats’ Oscillating Spray

Let our WASHLET bidet seats wand wondrously soothing back-and-forth movement wield its magic, ensuring a comprehensive cleanse that leaves no area untouched with its meticulously engineered movements.

WASHLET Bidet Seats’ Pulsating Cleansing Spray Pattern Design: Where Pulsation Meets Personal Hygiene for a Dynamic Clean

Experience the revitalizing power of TOTO’s pulsating cleansing as the warm water spray rhythmically pulses, creating a refreshing flow that cleanses and invigorates.


Comfort’s Precision Perfected: WASHLET Bidet Seats' Dynamic Water Pressure and Temperature Control

Experience the transformative wonders of a WASHLET bidet seat with adjustable water pressure and water temperature tailored precisely to your preferences. This innovative technology allows you to fine-tune the water's pressure and heat with five levels, from low to high, elevating your hygiene routine to new heights. The adjustable water pressure allows you to find the perfect balance between gentle rinsing and invigorating cleanses, all while saving water. Meanwhile, the customizable water temperature pampers you with a soothing warm-water stream, between 86 – 104 degrees Fahrenheit—no more chilly surprises.

With these personalized settings, your WASHLET bidet seat caters to your every cleansing desire. The possibilities are as endless as WASHLET’s air-infused droplets, which leave you refreshed, rejuvenated, and revitalized.

Reach New Heights of Refreshment: WASHLET Bidet Seats' Adjustable Wand Positioning Takes Hygiene to Another Level

In the world of WASHLET bidet seats, customization reigns supreme, and the wand's position is an ace up TOTO’s sleeve. By moving the wand from front to back, you can find the sweet spot that makes you sigh. The magic lies in the wand's precision, adapting to your body's unique composition. It cleanses your anatomy thoroughly, leaving no crevice untouched. So bid farewell to ordinary bathroom routines and embrace the extraordinary with the personalized wand position. Experience the power of customization and unlock a world of cleanliness that's tailored just for you!

The Perfect Finale: WASHLET Bidet Seats’ Adjustable Warm Air Dryer Ensures a Fresh Finish

Experience a touch of bliss with our WASHLET bidet seat's warm air dryer and step into a world of radiant relief. Like a gentle yet powerful zephyr, it dries up moisture, leaving you pampered and dry. With five customizable settings, it's a drying paradise tailored to your needs. Like a symphony of warmth, this feature offers a melody of comfort and convenience. Elevate your bathroom routine with our WASHLET bidet seat, where freshness meets finesse and moisture retreats.

Engineering Secrets Revealed: TOTO's Revolutionary Heated WASHLET Bidet Seat and the Pursuit of Instantaneous Warmth for Automatic Energy Conservation

The TOTO WASHLET bidet seat, renowned worldwide, owes much of its popularity to the coveted heated seat feature. Nevertheless, TOTO engineers embarked upon a remarkable quest to improve this beloved feature’s energy conservation.

Hironobu Hattori, a visionary engineer from TOTO, Ltd.’s Product Development Section No. 1 and WASHLET Development Department No. 2, shares the tale of this challenge and how he and his team triumphantly resolved it.

As Hattori relates, an average family of four spends approximately 50 minutes on the toilet daily. Japanese consumers harbor a profound distaste for cold toilet seats due to Japan’s lack of central heating. However, maintaining the heated seat’s warmth throughout the day when the seat is unused wastes energy. Driven by this realization, Hattori and his team's objective materialized—engineer a system capable of rapidly elevating the seat's temperature to a blissful 84.2 degrees Fahrenheit (29 degrees Celsius) within a mere six seconds—the time it takes the average person to sit down on the seat and experience the welcoming warmth that envelops them.

The journey to this achievement required the engineers to meticulously refine the seat's composition, preserving its robustness while reducing its thickness. Then, ingeniously, they opted for fiber-reinforced plastic, slimming it down from three millimeters to a mere one millimeter. An additional stroke of brilliance entailed bestowing the seat with a dual-layered structure fortified by a glass-reinforced fiber composite lining. Over two arduous years, Hattori and his team of engineers diligently conceived, built, tested, and scrutinized prototypes, enlisting precision measuring instruments and the assistance of TOTO staff, who product-tested them.

Further, Hattori and his team embarked on redesigning and enhancing the heating coil installed at the back of the WASHLET. By refining its dimensions and rendering it slender yet elongated, they ensured comprehensive coverage of the heated areas across the seat, augmenting energy efficiency. Seeking optimal design, the engineers arrived at an intriguing approach. They beseeched staff members to apply powder to their bottoms before they sat on the seat. This unique experiment accounted for the distinctive contours and positions of individual bottoms on the seat, unveiling specific issues, including cold spots predominantly affecting female users sitting at the seat's front.

After tireless perseverance, the engineering team realized their vision, a quick-heating toilet seat. This was the first instance in more than three decades in which the materials and structure of the WASHLET bidet seat were re-engineered and revolutionized. Combining the innovative seat design with its dual-layered heat-retention structure and re-engineered heating coil resulted in remarkable enhancements to the seat’s energy efficiency. This rapidly warming seat design is now standard across TOTO's entire line of WASHLET products, making it an epoch-making advancement in the annals of WASHLET history.

CLEANOVATION®: Embrace TOTO’s Revolutionary Advanced Cleanliness Technologies for a Life of Unparalleled Luxury

TOTO CLEANOVATION is the harmonious fusion of "clean" and "innovation" that offers unparalleled cleanliness and ingenuity. TOTO is dedicated to providing an unrivaled experience of invigorating cleanliness that enhances your well-being. With its revolutionary technological advancements, TOTO has ingeniously crafted products and technologies that redefine cleanliness, granting you a pristine bathroom sanctuary that nurtures your senses and the environment for a cleaner, greener future.

Unveiling WASHLET Bidet Seats' PREMIST® Technology: Engineering Secrets for Automatic Bowl Cleaning

TOTO's remarkable PREMIST technology is a game-changer for your bathroom experience. With a touch of elegance, this innovative feature ensures that your toilet bowl is pristine and ready for each use. By harnessing the power of water and taking advantage of porcelain's hydrophilic qualities, PREMIST automatically sprays the bowl with fresh tap water before every use. Thanks to the wet surface, waste, dirt, and grime are effortlessly removed. So say goodbye to stubborn dirt and stains and hello to a cleaner, more hygienic toilet bowl with TOTO's PREMIST technology.

A Wave of Innovation: Unleash the Power of EWATER+ Advanced Cleaning Technology for Your Toilet Bowl and WASHLET Bidet Seat Wand

Indulge in the epitome of cleanliness with TOTO's WASHLET bidet seats, which go the extra mile to maintain the pristine surface of your toilet bowl. After each use, prepare to be amazed as the WASHLET automatically sprays the bowl with EWATER+, a renowned cleaning agent created through the magic of electrolyzed water. This gentle and effective solution ensures that your toilet bowl remains flawlessly clean without the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.

But the cleanliness doesn't stop there! The interior and exterior of the WASHLET bidet seat's wand also benefit from the power of EWATER+ before and after every use, guaranteeing a hygienic experience and reducing the reliance on harmful cleaning agents. It's a step towards a greener planet.

What's fascinating is that EWATER+ is produced by electrolysis of the chloride ions in ordinary tap water. This means it's utterly devoid of any additional chemicals or harsh cleaning agents. Over time, it gracefully reverts to its original form as ordinary tap water, leaving no trace of its cleaning prowess behind.

Discover the unparalleled freshness and eco-friendliness of TOTO's WASHLET bidet seats, where cleanliness meets innovation in perfect harmony. Experience a new level of hygiene while embracing sustainability.


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